crime and poverty Dissertation

Reasons for crime

•Race, ethnicity, and immigration-

There is a relationship between competition and criminal offense. Ethnically/racially various areas most likely have higher crime rates when compared with ethnically/racially homogeneous areas. Many studies upon immigrants include found bigger rates of crime. However , this varies greatly depending on the country of origins with foreign nationals from a few regions having lower crime rates than the native population. •Early life Pregnancy-

Maternal cigarette smoking during pregnancy is associated with later on criminality. Low birth pounds and perinatal trauma/birth issues may be more prevalent among scammers. •Family-

Child maltreatment, low parent-child attachment, marital discord/family discord, dependency on alcohol and drug use in the family, and low parent supervision/monitoring are associated with criminality. Larger relatives size sometime later it was birth order is also affiliated. •Enuresis-

Night time enuresis or perhaps bed-wetting correlates with criminality. •Bullying-

Intimidation is absolutely related to lawbreaker behavior.


School disciplinary problems, truancy, low grade point average, and dropping away of high college are connected with criminality. •Adult behavior-

Alcohol and illegal drug employ. High liquor use, alcohol abuse, and dependency on alcohol, as well as large illegal drug use and dependence are positively relevant to criminality generally speaking. •Sex-

Childhood of initial intercourse and more sexual associates are linked to criminality. •Friends-

Few friends, criminal close friends, and company membership correlate positively with criminality. •Religion-

High religious involvement, excessive importance of faith in a person's life, membership in an prepared religion, and orthodox religious beliefs are thought to be connected with less criminality. However , studies have shown more secular nations around the world have reduced rates of violent criminal activity such as killing. •Physical health-

Criminals probably suffer from illnesses.


Epilepsy appears to have a...


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