International Organization Essay

* a. Pick the income statement of particular year.

2. b. Separation costs in fixed and variable the very best you can.

* c. Look for an average price per motor cycle to determine how many bicycles Envy Rides has offered.

* d. Calculate the variable price per routine sold, and assume it truly is constant.

2. e. Bring graph with MC-curve (at the level of the variable price per cycle), and the average total costs curve.

* f. Be sure you have quantity of cycles distributed on the side to side axis. Profits statement to get the year 2009

Variable costs:

* Incomes C$ 323, 966 2. Advertising and promotion C$ 53, 424

* Automobile C$ 21, 129

2. Telephone C$ 10, 750

* -------------------------------------------------

Office charge C$ doze, 270

Total variable costs C$ 426, 539

Fixed costs:

* Rent and utilities C$96, 900

2. Insurance C$7, 258

5. License fees and fees C$12, 583

* Professional fees C$2, 192

5. Bank expenses and interest C$55, 298

* Amortization C$19, 000


Total fixed costs C$193, 231

Total costs C$ 619, 770

Average selling price per motorcycle:

2013 Yamaha YZF-R6: C$ 11, 8888888888. 00 pertaining to both opponents

We are utilize this selling price, so the normal price per motorcycle is defined on C$11, 999. 00

The sales were C$3, 613, 959. 00

So , C$3, 613, 959. 00/ C$11, 999. 00 sama dengan 301, 188 rounded to 301 motor bikes

Changing costs per motorcycle:

C$ 426, 539/301 = C$ 1, 417. 07

So variable costs every motorcycle were C$ one particular, 417. '07

C$ 619, 770/ 301 = C$ 2, 059. 04


Rates of the motorbikes, Yamaha...

Referrals: Prices from the motorcycles, Yamaha YZF-R6 2013 (Accessed: 8th 03 2013) (Accessed: 9th March 2013)


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