Acid - Base Titration Experiment Composition

Research – Acid-Base Titration

Brand: Zeinab Ossaili Date: twenty fourth January 2011 Group: S2

Title: as well as[1]

Titration: Focus of HCl/H2SO4 in NaOH

Objective: /[1]

To determine the attention of a hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acidity solution by titrating it using salt hydroxide option. APPARATUS AND METHOD:

Apparatus: /[1]

Dilute hydrochloric acid, water down sulphuric acid, 0. 1M sodium hydroxide, phenolphthalein sign, graduated volumetric flask, two pipettes, burette, small filtration system funnel, two conical flasks, beakers, white colored tile, protection glasses, pipette filler, rinse bottle of distilled water, small beaker and lab coat. Picture: /[2]

Method: /[3]

1 . 25 cm3 of dilute HCl were pipetted into a volumetric flask and distilled drinking water was added until the bottom of the meniscus stopped within the graduation series. 2 . The flask was then stopped and the fluids were mixed thoroughly. several. Using the filtration system funnel, the diluted acidity was poured into the flacon and packed completely to ensure the bottom of the meniscus is on the actually zero line. 5. The zero. 1M salt hydroxide was collected in a beaker and using a second pipette twenty-five cm3 of the alkaline remedy was moved into a cone-shaped flask. five. A white-colored tile was then placed under the conical flask.

6. A couple of drops of indicator had been added to the alkali inside the flask right up until a strong red colorization is made. 7. Acid solution was added from the flacon until the red color disappeared. This was a difficult reading and can not be looked at. 8. The conical flask was beaten up thoroughly as well as the burette recharged and titration repeated but this time the acid was added slowly and gradually near the endpoint. 9. The experiment was then repeated until two accurate readings were found. 10. Actions 1-9 had been repeated applying dilute sulphuric acid.

14. The equipment was rinsed and delivered to its correct location. Health and Security: /[2]

* Basic safety glasses has to be worn constantly as to safeguard eyes in the event splashing with the acid takes place. * Lab coats must not be taken off once experiment is preformed in order to not ruin virtually any clothing. 5. Extreme care has to be taken when using the glass equipment as to not break any of the gear and harm others. 2. The phenolphthalein indicator is very toxic and flammable hence no fire should be present. * Any kind of spills must be reported for the instructor as soon as possible. If chemicals come in contact with epidermis it must be laundered quickly and thoroughly.

Effects Table: /[3]

Using Hydrochloric Acid:

Titration| Reading 1 (cm3)| Studying 2 (cm3)| Titre

you (rough)| 0| 22. 8| 22. eight

2| 0| 22. 7| 22. six

3| 0| 22. 6| 22. six

Using Sulphuric Acid:

Titration| Reading you (cm3)| Examining 2 (cm3)| Titre

1 (rough)| 0| 25. 4| 25. four

2| 0| 25. 6| 25. 6

3| 0| 25. 6| 25. 6th

Calculation and Theory: /[2] * Focus of HCl

Average Titre = (22. 7 +22. 6)/2 =22. 65cm3

nNaOH= C by V

sama dengan 0. you x (25/1000) = 0. 0025 mol

HCl (aq) +NaOH(aq) NaCl(aq) + H2O(aq) 1: 1

0. 0025: 0. 0025

CHCl sama dengan n = 0. 0025 = zero. 11M

Versus (22. 65/1000)

However; 25cm3 from the original acidity was diluted to 250cm3.

Ratio you: 10

Number of moles 0. 0025: zero. 025

MDiluted HCl= zero. 025 = 1 . 1M

(22. 65/1000)

* Attentiveness of H2SO4

Average Titre= 25. 6cm3

nNaOH sama dengan C back button V

sama dengan 0. 1 x (25/1000) = zero. 0025 mol

H2SO4 (aq) + 2Na0H Na2SO4 (aq) +...


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