Marketing Combine Essay

Table of Articles



A. Product5

W. Price5

C. Place5

G. Process5

Elizabeth. People6

N. Physical evidence6

G. Promotion6


A. Macroenviroment7

B. Microenvironment8



A. Segmentation10

B. Target market12

C. Market positioning12


VII. References14


This report aims to identify numerous factors for success in the quality take-away food market. This will be accomplished by contrasting two foodstuff service corporations with a related strategy – Crust Premium Pizza Bars and Actual Burger Globe (RBW) -- ended up with amazingly different comes from the following factors; marketing strategy, environmental surroundings, consumer behavior and target audience and placing.


The foundation of both Brown crust area and RBW was cartoon by a related desire to give a gourmet or more quality take away food inside the competitive junk food industry. Although, they developed slightly different strategies and implementations.

| |Crust Gourmet Pizza |Real Cheese burger World | |People |• Founder: earlier experience like a manager of |• Among the founders: powerful experience in | | |a Pizzas Restaurant |starting up a business | | |• Training and managing support for |• Basic manager replaced because of his lack of| | |franchises |experience in the industry | |Process |• Long |• Lengthy | | |• Planning in view of the customers |• 'guest' burger, consumer invited to suggest a | | | |menu item | |Physical Evidence |Dynamic, popular and contemporary: upmarket appear |Typical cheese burger shop | | |for upmarket focus on | | |Product |• High quality and fresh |• Real, normal and healthful ingredients | | |• Broad decision from traditional to unique |• Choice more or less diversified | | |taste ('Asian touch') |• Dynamic menu with fabulous burgers, hand crafted | | |• Merchandise on demand |fries | |Price |Restaurant prices, more pricey than the |Slightly above competitive brands (1£ more than | | |competitors |the existing competitors) | |Place |Shop, Internet Internet site, Phone |Shop | |Promotion |• Heart Foundation Tick of approval & medias |• Tv series " Jeopardizing it all" in 2episodes, | | |• a radio station, local paperwork, letterbox drops, |• Sales brochure handouts in the street | | |sponsorships |• Protest looking at their competitor store | | |• Website |...

References: Kotler P, Hersker, S, Denize S, & Armstrong, G., 2009,. Guidelines of Marketing, 4th ed, Pearson Education. Australia, Frenchs Forest, NSW



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