Marketing Essay

Swot Examination for Black Tie:

Black Tie is Ireland's one of Ireland biggest formal use shop and rental specialist. Black tie offers numerous shops throughout Ireland including one out of Limerick in O Connell Street. Fancy has been in the formal wear Business the past 25 years. Right here is the Swot Research Limerick Formal Wear offers carried out on Black Tie.


Fancy has a dozen branches all over Ireland which includes on in Limerick City. Central Site

They have been around for the last quarter of a century so they may have developed a huge customer base of loyal buyers. Rental Facility

They do special group bargains

They have a in depth online web page which provides customers with a lot of information about the firm. They have a Fb account which will informs consumers of their newest deals while offering. They Offer discounts to their customers when they like them about Facebook. Fancy has an on-line catalogue that you may purchase products on. They have a store Locator

They receive good feedback from the local Community

It offers good customer care with a special section on their website to get customer enquires Offers meetings to anyone who wishes to get specialist and guidance from the personnel


High Prices

Property is tiny – Small floor space

Shops in the crescent shopping center have an advantage over them because of the cost-free parking facility.


They may be a well-known formal wear firm throughout Ireland in europe for the last twenty-five years who have the actual to broaden globally. Increase the premises


Shops such as Penny's Dunnes and Tesco make copy felines for a cheap. New entrants to the market

During the economic downturn even faithful customers might switch to cheaper alternatives. New Technologies


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