Alexis Alyssa Alejandro Brittany Period 1 Lord In the Flies Essay

Altamirano, В Betancourt, В Rodriguez, В MonteВ 1В

AlexisВ AltamiranoВ

BrittanyВ MonteВ

AlyssaВ BetancourtВ

AlejandroВ RodriguezВ

Mrs. В KroneВ

EnglishВ 2В Honors, В PeriodВ 1В

23В OctoberВ 2014В

Lord of the Flies ​


Trapped on an Island with no food source and no adults to look for help and authority,  would you believe that under these conditions humans become evil between each other in order to survive?  The novel ​

Lord of the Flies​

, В byВ WilliamВ GoldingВ isВ aВ fictionalВ bookВ aboutВ BritishВ boysВ onВ aВ planeВ whichВ unexpectedlyВ crashesВ ontoВ anВ island, В theВ BritishВ boysВ becomeВ fullyВ awareВ thatВ thereВ isВ noВ adultsВ onВ theВ islandВ whichВ meansВ noВ authorityВ toВ lookВ for. В ThisВ leadsВ toВ savageryВ andВ evilnessВ toВ someВ boys, В andВ alsoВ uncivilization. В WilliamВ GoldingВ usesВ signpostsВ strategiesВ andВ figurativeВ languageВ toВ showВ howВ humansВ areВ evilВ toВ eachВ other. В WilliamВ GoldingВ usesВ theВ signposts: В ContrastВ andВ Contradictions, В AgainВ andВ Again, В andВ MemoryВ MomentВ toВ proveВ hisВ themeВ thatВ humansВ areВ evil. В В

WilliamВ GoldingВ usesВ theВ signpostВ choiceВ AgainВ andВ AgainВ toВ proveВ humansВ areВ evil. В AgainВ andВ AgainВ signpostВ isВ aВ word, В phraseВ, target, В orВ situationВ thatВ isВ mentionedВ againВ andВ once again. В OftenВ timesВ whenВ certainВ phrasesВ areВ repeatedВ itВ meansВ somethingВ important. В AnВ exampleВ ofВ thisВ isВ inВ theВ quote, В " WeВ can'tВ haveВ aВ signalВ fire” (GoldingВ 125). В ThroughoutВ theВ story, В theВ boysВ onВ theВ islandВ wereВ basicallyВ justВ tryingВ toВ lightВ aВ fireВ soВ thatВ itВ wouldВ alertВ othersВ andВ helpВ


Altamirano, В Betancourt, В Rodriguez, В MonteВ 2В

theВ boysВ getВ offВ theВ island. В ThisВ quoteВ isВ importantВ becauseВ itВ helpsВ readersВ realizeВ andВ understandВ thatВ theВ boysВ actuallyВ wantВ toВ getВ rescuedВ offВ theВ island. В Furthermore, В anotherВ exampleВ ofВ theВ signpostВ AgainВ andВ AgainВ isВ whenВ theВ boysВ stealВ Piggy'sВ glassesВ (GoldingВ 181). В Piggy'sВ glassesВ areВ symbolicВ ofВ theВ lastВ survivingВ evidenceВ ofВ aВ lawful, В structuredВ world, В andВ thisВ...


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