Artwork Research Essay

Color-Mood Analysis

Book(s): Twilight Legende

Color Scheme:


a) Colors utilized and feelings conveyed


The twilight series Saga is actually a romance series between great beings and humans. One of many three colors used in the books covers is crimson. Here, this impresses the romantic content of the book. Aside from that, that portrays a lush of mystery and enticement towards the viewers; something that would make all of them go deeper to what the novel is all about. Red utilized to give accent to the simple colors and it also adds style and formality from the novels. The deep red color stirs in the emotion as well as the curiosity of the viewer. Nonetheless it is accompanied by the signs used in every cover; straightforward yet has a deep which means so viewers are made even more thrilled about the covers connection to the story. * BLACK

Black was connected more while using mystery as well as the dark side from the saga. It highlights the colors red and white making them standout even more. It gives a mood of fear although somehow alluring. It gives method to the strength of the crimson because of the compare made. 2. WHITE

The colour white shows the saga a feeling of purity, purity and elegance. The color palette alone that utilized conveys custom and richness which obviously connects towards the concept of the novel series. b) Ethnical and Cross-cultural Relations

The formality in the palette and its particular overall impression shows even more the Traditional western taste. Because the author is from the american side, it's a culture-inspired cover but for Philippine readers, or perhaps other Asian people, the novel's color theme basically that relatable to all of them than the Westerns to themselves. In Thailand for example , it's a tropical nation so the first sight of the Saga's appearance can be foreign seeing that here in the, most color palettes will be influenced by nature's colors. Most of them will be bright and warm colors. c) Periodic Connotations

The colour pallette used assignments a feeling of cold. Concerning the tale, the placing of the story...


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