Callaway golf case Composition

Case – Callaway Golf Canada

Their goal:

" To aid every player become a better golfer”.

The main issue-

I have arrive to the conclusion that the main issue of Callaway Golfing is: " In order to keep Callaway's target customers an excellent source of performance, they have to figure out how to perform better in order to differentiate themselves from competition moving forward”.

Related Issues

In my opinion some of the related concerns for this circumstance would be that being Callaway Canada was a manufacturing firm, how much focus should they place actually on service. As well, could Callaway Canada actually create a way to obtain competitive benefits in service?

Ely Callaway's history

I believe that Ely had a large amount of a struggle in golf as they was willing to pay premium for improved overall performance. This is what this individual felt gives a competitive advantage over his rivals. Furthermore, with this strategy, he felt that it would be more pleasant for the typical golfer.

Tiny S. W. O. Big t for Callaway

S- they are really already set up, brand loyalty

W-one of their products performed poorly, simply target ‘rich' people O-Service, Tailoring to golfers requirements

T-Competitors and substitutes

Protegers 5 forces in relation to Callaway:

I simply depicted two of the five forces that would have a significant affect upon Callaway's. The first push that would come into play would be the ‘Threat of substitutes', this is due to if prices are decrease at a competing golfing manufacturing company, a person who really does not value performance, yet more so for just doing it as a hobby, would more that probably turn on the substitute.

Therefore , I really believe that Callaway's should concentrate on a wider costumer base instead of JUST the top class artists.

However, another pressure that would enter into play will be Rivalry since Callaway's provides a lot of intense competition. Therefore they have to give attention to the pressure they have in prices, meaning because they will...


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