Cardiorespiratory Laboratory Essay

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Lab Examining Your Current level of Cardiorespiratory Stamina Cardiorespiratory endurance- is the ability of the body to perform continuous, large-muscle, powerful exercise for moderate-to-high amounts of intensity. The 3-Minute Stage Test

I. Tips on how to Assess The Cardiorespiratory stamina

1 ) Warm up prior to taking the test out. Do some walking, easy running, and stretches.

2 . Practice stepping up onto and down through the step before you start the test. Each step of the process has several beats: up-up-down-down. Males should certainly perform test with the metronome set for any rate of 96 surpasses per minute, or 24 methods per minute. Females should established the metronome at 88 beats each minute, or twenty-two steps each minute.

3. Set the metronome in the proper rate. Your instructor or a partner can contact out beginning and stopping times; or else, have a clock or watch within just easy observing during the test.

four. Begin test and still step with the correct tempo for 4 minutes.

5. Stop following 3 minutes. Stay standing and count the pulse pertaining to the 15-second period via 5 to twenty seconds in recovery.

6. Cool-down after the test out by walking slowly for several minutes.

2. Determining Maximal Oxygen Intake

1 ) Convert your 15-second heartbeat count to a value for recovery heartrate by growing by 4.

2 . Recovery heart rate: _________ (15-sec pulse count) X four = _________ bpm

3. Put in your recovery heart rate in the equation below, where

H sama dengan recovery heart rate (in surpasses per minute)

Males: VO2max = 111. 33 - (0. 42 X H)

Females: VO2max = sixty-five. 81 - (0. 1847 X H)

For instance , a man with a recovery heartrate of 162 bpm would calculate maximal oxygen usage as follows:

VO2max = 111. thirty-three - (0. 42 Times 162) = 43 ml/kg/min

Males: VO2max = 111. 33 - (0. 42 X______(recovery heart rate (bpm)))=___________ml/kg/min

Females: VO2max = 65. 81 - (0. 1847 X______(recovery heart rate...


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