Essay regarding Chinese raising a child

п»їBingjie Wei (Mika)

Public Speaking 120

Total Sentence Format of Persuade Presentation

General purpose: to convince

Specific purpose: to convince my viewers that Chinese parents are easier than American parents Thesis: Chinese father and mother have some positive aspects in training their children. I actually. Introduction

A. Attention Getter

1 . Chinese parents and American father and mother differ considerably in the raising a child styles and a noticeable difference can be seen in the success of their children. Parental educational levels and ideals regarding education, and the amount of parental involvement inside their children's education experiencesВ may also contribute to student outcomes. В В B. Credibility

1 . Generally, parents inВ China have better educational anticipations for their children than do parents in theВ United States. В В There is usually differences in parental attitudes concerning student performance in theВ United States andВ China. В C. Thesis

1 . Chinese father and mother place more emphasis on efforts and American parents place more emphasis on ability, specially when attributing factors behind difficulty or perhaps failure. A. Preview

1 ) Chinese parenting technique is superior to any Americans way, which includes American raising a child. Transition: Several American father and mother might believe their children require better educations to compete with China and other countries. Although how much the actual parents themselves need to modify?

II. Physique

A. Main Idea: Explain the survey that we brought to class.

1 . Many American classmates think that Chinese language parents are and so strict. 2 . Many Chinese language classmates think

B. Main Idea: There are numerous tiger parents in China and tiawan.

1 . Tiger parents are a style of parenting. This kind of father and mother will 2 . In the Chinese language culture, the tiger represents strength and power. C. Main Thought:

1 .

2 .


III. Conclusion

A. Restate/ Assessment

1 . There are many advantages of China parenting in order that American parents can study those positive aspects to develop their parenting techniques, so...


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