Comparing the Young and the Old Essay

Comparing and Contrasting the Old and the Fresh

1 . There are many similarities along with differences between your elderly and young adults. The most typical factor in both of these groups it seems like is the frustrating ability for being narrow-minded

installment payments on your Young adults in addition to the elderly both equally think they know everything

A. If you listen to the elderly many do turn into wise several others apparently get caught in their previous B. On the other hand young adults quickly accept changes in their world C. Because of the internet today's youthful generation knows quite little more than their grandparents understood at the same era because of this

3. Another apparent contrast between elderly and the youth is definitely their outlook on life.

A. Adults are more hopeful about the near future

B. The elderly tend to be more depressed

C. You are going to hear from virtually all young adults, I am rich at some point but an old adult will tell you, Money is definitely not everything

some. Older people apparently get emerge their techniques and typically resist modify.

A. The elderly get comfortable with a specific pattern within their lives , nor like this design disturbed W. My Grandparents have occupied their area for over four and will not even consider moving into a retirement community C. Youngsters on the other hand are more adaptable to change

your five. What it every comes down to is time, knowledge and most of all the willingness of old and young equally to learn and share with each other. I understand I can study much from my elders, I hope they will see that they can learn much from myself

Comparing and Contrasting the and Young

There are plenty of similarities along with differences between the elderly and young adults. Seniors seem to be more set in their ways. Additionally, they seem to find out much more in general about the majority of everything. Young adults, on the other hand seem to have a much broader outlook on life. The most common...


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