Essay regarding Debut Albums and Victor

The Desire Lottery

The Dream of Lotto


Dad: Ian

Mom: Ellen

Young brother: Victor

Older brother: David

Friend: Jeff

Clerk: weaber

Narrator: Weaber

——————————————————————————– Brief summary

This is a tale about lottery. One day, Ian and Ellen are viewing television in the living room. David is sleeping in his space. Sceneв…: In the living area

Ian: Things are very monotonous.

Ellen: Huh, only about political issues very boring.

Ian: Yeah! That makes me annoyed.

Ellen: Well! How's your business in may?

Ian: So good! Perhaps I could get promo next month.

(Narrator: At that time, someone presses the buzzer of doorbell diamond ring. ) Ellen: Dear, go to open the door.

Ian: Kid, why will you come home and so late? Have you any idea what period it is? Victor: Oh! I'm sorry. I got the evening meal with my own classmate. Ellen: Don't fault him.

Victor: Yeah! Mom~ I love you so much~

Ian: Fine! I always get faults with you.

Ellen: Hang on! Your space is too filthy. Arrange the room today. Victor: I have to arrange my own room the next day.

Ian: Perform whatever your Mom stated.

Victor: I feel tired today. Mom ~ could I organize my space tomorrow? Ellen: No way! Understand what arrange your room, you can't get your allocation. Victor: Oh! I'll go to arrange my room quickly.

Ellen: You are my good young man.

In the Victor's room

(Narrator: Victor would go to his room reluctantly and arranges his room. Rapidly, when he arranges the ebooks, he finds a notepaper. He examines it and finds that it is lottery. He takes the news paper to check on lottery number……) Victor: Amazing! It is the initial prize. Huh…, huh… I have to cash the lottery admission. Victor: But , now it is past too far. I will money it another day.

Oh! I am a rich guy!.

Ian: Have you ever arranged the room? If you finished it, go to require a bath. Victor: Ok… I will go to require a bath at the moment.

In the living room

(Narrator: Victor puts the lotto ticket in the book and puts over the book on his desk. He leaves his room. And he goes to library. The doorway bell is usually ringing… David opens the door. ) Jeff: Hi~ is Victor at home?

David: He is not here. He went to the library.

Rob: Oh! No . I want to borrow a book from charlie. (He is extremely anxious) David: That's OKAY! I can get the publication for you. You should sit down. Jeff: Thank you! I wish to borrow an e book that has an orange cover. David: Ok! Wait a few minutes. I'll head to Victor's area and find that. In the Victor's room

(Narrator: After David entered Victor's room, he finds the book for the desk. He's afraid there is something in the book. So if he opens the book, he finds the special notepaper. ) David: What is it?

David: Wow! It is just a lottery admission. (He will take the paper to check the lottery quantity.  This individual feels very surprised) David: Wow… wow… it is the first prize. Huh… He wants to keep the cash all to himself. I'll hide this and produce him worried. (Then David puts the lottery in his pocket sized and is out the room. ) In the living room

Rob: Did you find it?

David: Is it?

Rob: Yes, Gowns it. Thank you so much.

David: You aren't welcome.

Rob: Please tell him that I took out the publication.

David: Oh! I will. L8rs.

Jeff: Many thanks! Bye.

(Narrator: After two hours, Victor comes back and enters his room inside the night. Suddenly, he works out his room. ) Victor: David, have you viewed my book on my workplace?

David: Wow! Your friend borrowed this.

Victor: Well … oh! That's OKAY!

(Victor calls on the cellular phone. David is laughing at his back) Victor: Hello there! Jeff (Victor walks towards the other area of the space. ) Jeff: Hello!

Victor: Jeff, today you attended my home and borrowed my publication, right? Jeff: Yes, the brother got it to my opinion.

Victor: Have you ever seen a notepaper in the book?

Jeff: Notepaper? I have not seen anything.

Victor: Zero? Oh! My own gosh.

Shaun: What kind with the notepaper?

Victor: Well! Well! Just a lottery ticket.

Jeff: Really? Would it be important? Succeed any money.

Victor: No, the lottery is usually not mine.

Jeff: Oh yea!

Victor: Huh… well! Let me keep trying to find it.

Rob: Ok… cya!

(Narrator: Following Victor weighs up the telephone,...


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