Elaborate the Extend to Which the S. 23 Agreement Binds the organization, Its Associates and Its Representatives Essay


" This report is to complex the Company Ordinance - Cover 32 s23. contract binds the company, their members and its officers by looking at the big difference cases.

Background –

By placing your signature to names towards the memorandum of association or perhaps articles of association, users are permitted following the subscription requirements in the Companies Code to form a great incorporate organization (s4). Creator members happen to be formally thought to become the organization members prove day of registration in Section twenty eight.

Anyone that buys or perhaps owns the shares in the company, possibly from a present-day member or perhaps from the firm, would enroll in the company powerful when both parties signed the contract; in addition , his name will be entered in the register of member (s 28(2)). If the member compensates the recommended fee having a maximum of $5, the company is essential to send him a copy of memorandum of association and articles of association (s26).

The memorando of association and content of relationship take impact on binding the organization and existing members jointly once MOA and AOA are listed. There is a deal under seal off between the company and the associates; also among members and members and is also deemed to contain covenants on the part of the corporation and the users to observe all their terms (s 23(1)).

In Borland's Trustee v Steel Bros & Co Ltd (1901) UK, the company's articles states the required transfer of stocks should illustrate to anyone in a fair cost on the happening of specific events, including bankruptcy. Upon Borland's individual bankruptcy, the company gave notice to his trustee requiring him to transfer in accordance with the articles. The trustee contended that this supply in the content articles was void.

It was kept that the document was accurate and enforceable by law. Farwell J believed: ‘A share is the fascination of the shareholder in the firm measured with a sum of money with regards to liability to begin with, and of involvement in the second, yet also that includes a series of common covenants entered into by all the shareholders inter se in accordance with [s 23 with the Companies Ordinance]. The agreement is one of the first incidents from the share. '

What is s23 –

Depending on legislation. gov. hk, section 23 (Cap 32) claims the under.

General Procedures with respect to Nota and Content

(1)Subject to the provision of this Ordinance, the memorandum and articles shall, when listed, have result as a contract under seal off – a. between the business and each member; and

n. between an associate and each member,

and shall be deemed to contain contrat on the part of the business and of each member to observe all of the provisions in the memorandum and articles. (Replaced 28 of 2003 s i9000. 9)

(1A) Without restricting the generality of subsection 1, the memorandum and articles shall, when signed up be enforceable by the organization against every single person and by an associate against the company and against each other member. (Added twenty-eight of the year 2003 s. 9)

(2)All money payable by simply any affiliate to the business under the memorandum or articles or blog posts shall be a debt because of from him towards the company and become of the character of a niche debt. "

Section 23 actually consists of two types of contracts:

•A contract between a company every member; and

•A deal between each member and each various other member, an agreement among the users themselves.

The contract between a company and a member

The contract between a company and a member could be demonstrated simply by members prosecute the company to compel the terms of the content.

In Wood v Odessa Water Works (1889) UK, the articles or blog posts states the fact that company, Odessa Water Functions, to file a gross ‘to be paid in cash' to the shareholders. As well the company exceeded a resolution looking to pay simply no dividend, in replace, to have the shareholders debenture bonds bearing interest. Wooden, a aktionar, sought a great order to detain the company via acting on the resolutions.

In was held which the proposal was...


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