Essay upon Globalization


Convergent, Divergent, or Overlapping?

Arie M. Kacowicz

Operating Paper #262 – Dec 1998

Arie M. Kacowicz is a Senior Lecturer in International Relationships at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, His home country of israel. In the 1997/8 academic 12 months he was a Concurrent Assistant Professor and Visiting Many other at the Kellogg Institute plus the Kroc Start for International Peace Studies. He is the creator of Tranquil Territorial Alter (Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 1994) along with Zones of Peace in the Third World (Albany, NY: Condition University of recent York Press, 1998).

This can be a modified version of any paper provided at the IPSA Study Group II: " New World Instructions? ” Workshop on " Globalisms and Regionalisms, ” Center for Development as well as the Environment, College or university of Oslo, Norway, several August 1998. The author wish to acknowledge the hospitality of the Kellogg Commence for providing a stimulating environment in which to write down this conventional paper.


This paper examines the conversation among the three forces that shape community politics inside the contemporary program: globalization, regionalization, and nationalism. The main thesis suggested this is that these three forces cannot be assessed in isolation, individually from one another, nor via a perspective of possibly convergence or divergence among them. Rather, globalization, regionalization, and nationalism must be captured and studied since forces in accordance with and overlapping one another, at times antagonistic and often cooperative toward each other nevertheless never unified. This debate is in theory relevant at the circumstance of the world political economy and international security, with unique reference to the phenomenon of pluralistic security communities. The Latin American case provides an empirical laboratory to test these types of theoretical assertions.


El artículo examina la interacción entre los tres factores que lalu forma p? linje med política global en un sistema contemporáneo: la globalización, la regionalización y un nacionalismo. Este principal consideracion que aquí se sugiere es os quais el impacto de cada una de estas tres fuerzas zero puede ser querer aisaldamente, separando una de la otra, y tampoco desde una perspectiva de coincidencia o bifurcacion entre las siguientes tres tendencias. Más bien, la globalización, la regionalización y el nacionalismo deberían ser capturados y estudiados como deseo superpuestas sumado a relacionadas; a veces de metodo antagónico, otras de modo cooperativo, pero no armoniosamente. Este argumento sera teóricamente relevante tanto en el entorno de la economía política universal como en el de la seguridad global, especialmente que incluye referencia approach fenómeno sobre las comunidades de seguridad pluralistas. Sobre este sensible, el caso de América Latina destina un laboratorio empírico para poner a prueba estas afirmaciones teóricas.


This conventional paper examines the interaction among the list of three makes that condition world politics in the modern-day system:


regionalization, and nationalism. The primary thesis advised here is that these three forces cannot be examined in isolation, independently from another, neither from a perspective of either affluence or curve among them.

Rather, globalization, regionalization, and nationalism

should be captured and studied as makes relative to and overlapping the other person, sometimes fierce and sometimes supportive toward one another, but never harmonious. This kind of argument is usually theoretically relevant both in the context of the world political economy and of international security (with special reference to security complexes and pluralistic security communities). In this feeling I want to encourage our taking into consideration the phenomena of pluralistic protection communities and do so by simply showing the way the interaction of such three forces might make them possible. The Latin American case will provide an scientific illustration to people...

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