Homework: Dr . Jose Rizal Essay

Homework Number 2


Name: De Rosario, Joshua P. Day: 05/31/2013Score:

Course/Year & Section: CS-1/AY01Professor: DR . REYNALDO A. PADILLA Bayaning 3rd World: A Film Evaluation

The film Bayaning 3 rd World is focused on the two film makers who want to produce a film regarding our Nationwide Hero Doctor Jose Rizal. The two filmmakers want it to get different from the other film about the national leading man but there are many films that cover the life of Rizal in fact it is very hard for them to make a film with something totally new and find the attention of the people. The two film makers decided to have the film to be all about the retraction of Rizal.

The retraction of Rizal was displayed by the use of problem and solution theme. The film makers find out to the people who are with Rizal when he is living like Josephine Bracken, his mother Dona Teodora, sibling Paciano, sibling Trining, sis Narcisa and also father Ballguer. The concerns of the filmmakers were most answered by one who that they ask and that is the way just how people knows the true life and authentic events about what happen when Rizal he is living.

Once i was observing the movie My spouse and i analyzed that some of the occasions on Rizal life that individuals all know a few misleading and the film Bayaning 3rd Globe will make the corrections around the life of Rizal. A few of the false thinking is that Josephine Bracken enjoys Rizal but you that Josephine is a conspirator of the The spanish language friars for Rizal to create a retraction to get him to marry Josephine.


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