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The Breakfast Club

Film Data


Connection Courses

Communication Concepts


Conversation Questions

Pedagogical Perspective

Film Data

Yr: 1985

Director: Steve Hughes

Length: 80 minutes

Rating: R


Andrew Clark: Emilio Estevez

Richard Vernon: Paul Gleason

Brian Johnson: Anthony Jordan Hall

Carl: Steve Kapelos

John Bender: Judd Nelson

Expresse Standish: Molly Ringwald

Allison Reynolds: Ally Sheedy

Interaction Courses

Group Connection

Sociable Communication

Communication Ideas

Group cohesiveness

Group creation







The Breakfast Team takes place at an Illinois high school, where five dissimilar pupils are sentenced to spend a Saturday detention session with each other. In presence is a " princess" (Ringwald), an " athlete" (Estevez), a " brain" (Hall), a " criminal" (Nelson), and a " container case" (Sheedy). These headings identify the roles the scholars play during the school week. Because of stereotypes and status levels connected with each part, the students want nothing to do with each other at the outset of the treatment. However , when ever confronted by the authoritarian detention teacher (Gleason) and by 8 hours of your time to destroy, the students start to interact. Through self-disclosure they will learn that they are more identical than different. Each wrestles with self-acceptance; each etendu for parental approval; each fights against peer pressure. They break through the position barriers and gain greater understanding and acceptance of each other and of themselves. They ultimately develop a group identity and dub themselves, " The Breakfast Team. "

Discussion Concerns

1 . How do the characters deviate from their normal roles during the detention session?

Getting into the detention session, every single character can be fixated in a stereotypical secondary school role. Claire is the " princess"; a great upper-class, popular socialite who is in detention for ditching class to look shopping. In contrast, Bender is actually a lower-class (and perhaps abused) young man that is perceived as a sociopathic " criminal. " Because Bender constantly queries and is unaffected by authority, he's a detention professional. Toby and Brian rarely defy authority. Andrew is a disciplined and powered wrestler who would like to break free in the demands with the athlete function in order to think for him self. Brian is a straight-A college student who struggles with targets of high grades--and is emaciated about his recent failures in store class. Finally, Allison is definitely an dismissed introvert who also longs pertaining to attention and, in try to receive that, acts like a deviant " basket circumstance. "

As the group develops during the detention session, normal roles are abandoned and new functions are tried on to get size. As opposed to his normal low-status situation, Bender features high position during the treatment because of his detention knowledge. He presumes a leadership role through which his rebellious questions and actions are valued instead of disdained. Andrew and Clairette also deviate from the normal behaviors of their high-status university behaviors. Toby abandons his macho athlete role if he cries in front of the others and Claire confesses to the challenges of being a virgin. Brian, the conformist geek, requires courageous questions and ultimately ends up sounding more secure and useful than his new detention friends. Brian, Claire, and Andrew all break using their normal tasks by smoking cigarettes pot with Bender.

Allison, the basket circumstance, steps away of her silent, unsociable role when Andrew shows interest in her as they walk to the cafeteria to receive milk to get lunch. Although she uses lies and deviant patterns to get Claire to confess her virginity, Allison provides smart observations which are contrary to her perceived position. For example , when the group is intending to force Claire into confessing her sexual activities, Allison records, " 2 weeks . double-edged blade, isn't that? If you have [had sex]...


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