Occassion Structured Marketing Article

Marketing To Consumers' Passion For Foodstuff:

An occasion-based approach can drive retailer

differentiation and store loyalty

OBM -- CIS Operate Session Jan. 8, 2010

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A primary To The Table Light Paper

We have long felt that a more in-depth understanding of the emotional drivers of food consumption linked to the searching experience would provide insights and opportunities to better meet consumer needs.

Last season, Kraft Foods commissioned a ground-breaking study with the Hartman Group intended for greater regarding shopping patterns. While shopping behavior have been extensively analyzed, the motorists of that tendencies are not totally understood. This study has resulted in a new way of thinking our company is calling Occasion-Based Marketing.

With this exploration, we not merely have the confidence that comes from a very large scale way, we have the ability to identify retailer-specific chances, and thus we can help retailers differentiate their very own banners, when better appointment the requirements of shoppers. We are therefore excited to reveal to you the top-line results plus some ah ha's of this paradigm shifting research. But you ought to know that there's a lot more behind it. Please contact us to obtain a view of the shoppers ideas. We are getting excited about working more closely with each other and to making incremental earnings.

Thank you,

Diane Tielbur

Mature Director Buyer Insights and Strategy

OBM - CIS Work Treatment Jan. almost 8, 2010

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Kraft Food is First in the relationship with the " Culture

of Food” contact lens for shopping and Occasion-Based

Marketing Types

Shopper Information Uncovered:

Occasion-Based Marketing is a

new way based on a deeper,

stronger connection among

everyday meals

occasions, the emotional individuals of

these types of occasions and shopping


Occasion-Based Advertising Is Based

About Robust Examine Design

1 ) Established the Culture of Food unit built

via a abundant, long good ethnographic


2 . Developed an Eating Atlas (October 2009) centered

on above 15, 500 online surveys and 28, 000

eating occasions.

Retail Chance:

• We have quantitatively size and profiled

the top 28 eating events

1 .

• And, created many retailer profiles with their

specific market place opportunities

2 .



More effective and innovative

promoting approaches

Incremental retail opportunities

Increased store loyalty




Deeper consumer relationships

OBM - CIS Work Session Jan. almost eight, 2010

several. Analyzed buying trips (November 2009)

of over five, 000 buyers to identify, size and

account major types of purchasing trips

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New Ah Ha's Discovered

Uncovering new, surprising information was thrilling. Here is simply a taste... 1 .

There are opportunities to help suppliers differentiate themselves based on the occasions their particular shoppers encounter most often.

1 )

Retailer A: Shoppers index high pertaining to snacking occasions

2 .

Dealer B: Customers index excessive for taking advantage of occasions


Retailer C: Shoppers beneath index throughout all eating occasions

2 .

42% of adult eating occasions will be for the sake of satisfaction or entertainment


71% of mature eating arises outside of a family occasion


59% of family dinners have no children present underneath 18 years old


Stores are beneath delivering against occasion-based excursions

In fact , this study offers yielded more broadly workable, quantifiable information than anyone single study we have at any time done before.

Food Is definitely Intimate

Whether we are eating alone or perhaps with somebody else... Food is actually experiential. Making use of the wealthy emotion from the eating experience allows everyone to focus on the joy of consuming food versus pantry loading/ fill in opportunities. It all starts with The 3 Key elements Of Information.

OBM -- CIS Function Session Jan. 8, 2010

В© 2009 The Hartman Group, Incorporation


There Are 3 Key elements of Knowledge



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