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November 26, 2010

Adolfo Gorriaran

Organizational Traditions, Reengineering Companies Process, and HR Organization Description

Magneti Marelli Having S. p. A., a division of Fedex, is headquartered in Corbetta, Italy, which is an international company that patterns, produces, and supplies high end automotive pieces. The primary wide array of products is engine control systems for gasoline and diesel engines. Magneti Marelli happens to be present in five continents and 18 countries (Fiat, 2010). To create a even more consistent environment in the global process, World Class Manufacturing (WCM) has been integrated in all Fedex manufacturing companies. World Class Manufacturing can be an international method for the business of the production cycle to manage plants relative to the best requirements. The application of WCM principles and methods ended in logistics and quality and significant expense reductions. Fiat's manufacturing composition has become increasingly efficient and flexible and has enabled the business to gain a competitive edge. Strategy Information

For several years, the Fiat Group has been working to develop into a global manufacturing organization with the maximum standards. The implementation of World Class Developing addresses all aspects of the organization including environmental, health and safety, quality, repair, cost and logistic concerns from the standpoint of ongoing improvement. The complete process revolves around the methodical identification and minimize or removal of waste through putting on standardized methods and tools and entails everyone in the company. WCM recognizes that employee engagement and personal strength are important to obtaining continuous improvement in all principles of the manufacturing system. Company development...

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