Essay upon Political Empire


The Philippine Our elected representatives, the law-making body from the government, is usually bicameral1, it can be divided into two houses and house features similar requirements in order for a great aspiring candidate to run. Foreseeable future candidates are merely required to accomplish minor requirements like citizenship, the ability to browse and publish, number of years with regards to residency, a certain age and being a signed up voter. Congressmen are identified per area, while senators are elected at large and therefore are ranked by the number of ballots. Candidates who also got the greatest number of ballots are awarded slots and become representatives to get the Philippine people. They have other responsibilities like choosing in worldwide treaties; as being a check and balance to get the additional two limbs of the federal government and other things that are set by the metabolism. There are certain constraints to their power like having term limits, but they also have selected specific benefits like having the freedom from detain when our elected representatives is in period. These are the things which are observable and can be viewed as fair once we try to assess the gravity with the responsibility they own and the location that is granted to them by their constituents.

But particular number of loopholes and flaws we could notice and are only tolerated. Certainly one of which, and i believe is the critical flaw with the legislative product is the lack of limits when it comes to people getting elected and all of them be put with their posts, especially in the legislative program, where these are the representatives who have creates policies that could influence everything. However are a few constitutional provisions which might be connected to this flaw, which usually would be talked about later on, it really is still inadequate to reduce the problem. The actual requirements, that I have explained above seems fair but it really does not actually grant a number of people coming from the central and reduced class to represent themselves in the congress, that i think is important in order to ahead their cause and needs through legislation.

Regulations are necessary for anyone classes for the government to have basis inside their programs, for anyone people to always be protected and granted acknowledgement and also to permit and enhance rights and constitutional conditions. It also is teeth intended for punishments which might be to be made. Although there is previously a party-list system, that seems to fill out the space, it is even now insufficient mainly because they only comprise 20% of the our elected representatives and is sector specific2. Additionally, some party-lists are even sponsored by associates of politics dynasties (ex. Bigkis-Pinoy party-list sponsored by simply Mike Arroyo). Although there is a checking mechanism by COMELEC3, we can still see attempts of people of personal dynasties doing all ways to capitalize about power.

These people, coming from the lower and central class, do not have the machines to take on the people coming from the upper class which upper class as well capitalize on that capability thus which makes them lengthen their stay and ask their daughters, sons, husbands, wives, close friends, to take the positioning after they completed their term which provides an impressive cyclical condition that impacts how laws are handed, approved and enforced. The culture of nepotism4is so entrenched that even in political celebrations and alliances, that is said to be based on principles and ideologies, have prioritized family members and friends initial and making their principle secondary. To get more specific and have an detailed analysis regarding this declare, let us take a look at: Firstly, the constitutional conditions that are connected to this flaw and the main reasons why they are certainly not implemented properly, Secondly, the other issues that this flaw brought to lawmaking and to the enforcement of laws, Finally, a traditional and cultural perspective about why the tradition of political dynasties and nepotism stays within our government system and Lastly, possible solutions that could solve this issue.


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