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nergy is the basic necessity pertaining to the financial development of a country. Many features necessary to present-day living grind to halt when the supply of strength stops. It is practically impossible to estimate the actual magnitude with the part that energy has played in the building up of present-day civilisation. The availability of huge amount of energy in the modern moments has ended in a shorter working day, bigger agricultural and industrial development, a healthier and more well balanced diet and better transportation facilities. In fact, there is a close relationship between the energy applied per person wonderful standard of living. The more the per capita intake of energy in a country, the higher is the standard of living of its people. Strength exists in various forms in nature however the most important form is the electrical power. The modern contemporary society is so very much dependent upon the utilization of electrical energy that it has become a component and courier of our your life. In this chapter, we shall target our attention on the standard aspects of electrical power. 1

1 . 1 Significance of Electrical Energy 1 . 2 Technology of Electric power 1 . three or more Sources of Energy 1 . four Comparison of Powers 1 . 5 Units of Energy 1 . six Relationship Amongst Energy Products 1 . 7 Efficiency 1 ) 8 Calorific Value of Fuels 1 ) 9 Advantages of Liquid Fuels Over Solid Fuels 1 . 10 Benefits of Solid Energy sources Over Liquefied Fuels




1 . 1 Significance of Electrical Energy

Principles of Electric power System

Strength may be needed as temperature, as light, as objective power etc . The present-day advancement in science and technology has made it possible to convert electrical energy in to any ideal form. It has given electrical energy a place of pride in the modern world. The your survival of industrial companies and the social constructions depends primarily upon low priced and uninterrupted supply of electric power. In fact , the advancement of a country is usually measured in terms of per capita consumption of electrical energy. Electrical energy is better than all other kinds of energy as a result of following reasons: (i) Hassle-free form. Electrical power is a very convenient form of strength. It can be conveniently converted into other styles of energy. For instance , if we want to convert electric power into temperature, the only thing to be done is to pass power current by using a wire of high resistance electronic. g., a heater. Likewise, electrical energy can be converted into light (e. g. electric bulb), mechanical energy (e. g. electric motors) etc . (ii) Easy control. The electrically operated machines have basic convenient beginning, control and operation. For instance, an electric engine can be began or stopped by turning on or off a switch. In the same way, with basic arrangements, the speed of electric power generators can be quickly varied within the desired range. (iii) Greater flexibility. 1 important reason behind preferring electrical energy is the overall flexibility that it offers. It can be quickly transported from one place to an additional with the help of conductors. (iv) Cheapness. Electrical energy is a lot cheaper than any other forms of energy. Thus it truly is overall inexpensive to use this type of energy to get domestic, industrial and commercial purposes. (v) Cleanliness. Electric power is not associated with smoking, fumes or perhaps poisonous fumes. Therefore , the use ensures cleanliness and healthy circumstances. (vi) High transmission effectiveness. The consumers of electrical power are generally situated quite away from the centres of its production. The electric power can be transmitted conveniently and efficiently in the centres of generation towards the consumers by using overhead conductors known as transmitting lines.

1 . 2 Technology of Electric power

The change of energy obtainable in various forms in nature in electrical energy is referred to as generation of electrical energy. Electrical power is a created commodity just like...


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