Print Media Industry Worksheet 1 Essay

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Appendix B

Print Press Industry Worksheet 1

Component A: Historic and modern-day role from the print mass media industry.

Choose one of the following matters: the feminist movement (women's liberation), general public education, anti-war protestors, coat and household leather products, pollution, or wildlife and environment conservation. Response the following queries about the relationship between your chosen topic, printed media market, and American society. Every response should be written employing complete content in a passage of in least seventy five words every. Provide particular examples and cite for least three professional guides or content.

1 . How has the printing media market historically treated your chosen topic? How can the print press industry deal with this topic today?

2 . Just how has the print media sector helped drive improvements and public knowing of your chosen topic? Provides the media perpetuated any downsides, controversies, or scandals around this matter?

a few. What function has the produce media sector played over the history of this topic? Do you consider the current position of the produce media is equivalent to it was in the 19th and 20th generations? Why or why not?

Component B: Significant publications inside the print media industry.

Interact to each of the statements with a particular example or an explanation applying complete phrases as necessary.


How many total publications are sold annually in each print media industry?

According to the U. S. Census 2000, 2, 254, 000, 000 ebooks were sold in 1998.,205.5 million

19, 410, 335 , 000, 000 newspapers What are difficulties ownership chains in every print mass media industry?

List three major journals in every single print mass media industry.

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