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Cantina Opa

Simply by Herald Meleqi


The record deals with the leadership issue of the restaurant owner Lirim Jacobi who runs Cantina Opa in CityPlace. In the preceding paper it will be talked about how a part of his management practices hinder the business achievement and what needs to be converted to be more powerful.

Table Of Contents

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I actually. Introduction| a couple of

II. Assertion of Problem| 4

3. Why the Problem Exists| a few

IV. Methodology| 7

V. Recommendation| doze

VI. Conclusion| 15



I actually Introduction

The achievements of a business relies heavily on the owner wonderful or her management design. From overall moral in the company as well as employees in order to sure the fundamental necessities are in inventory, management performs a vital role in the outcome of any organization. In the following report I wish to present and assess one of the major issues facing Taverna Idiota as a result of poor marketing handled directly by owner, Lirim Jacobi.

Taverna Opa, a Ancient greek themed restaurant and club, opened its doors inside the Fall of 2008. Over the past few years, the restaurant sector has taken a jump due to many different factors including a poor marketing strategy on the part of the proprietor. The purpose of this study is always to show how the owner's not enough informed leadership in regards to marketing has hindered the restaurant's revuenue after which to asses new methods that will make higher sales for the restaurant in a cost effective selling price; making both the owner and the employees cheerful. Targeting the proper audience can be described as major aspect in today's market. Conditions in an place have a substantial impact on how successful any business will probably be. Since the power of your neighborhood market may directly affect the profitability of your shop, it is important to study the current financial status with an professional analysis.

According to restaurantresourcenews. com, retail spending is up several. 1% as January of this year. In addition , analysts include found a direct relationship between retail spending and cafe revenue. Meals establishments sales totaled $39. 8 billion in October, an increase of. 3%. Cantina Opa, being proudly located in the cardiovascular system of CityPlace, can considerably benefit from the location. With stores just like Macys down the street, the restaurant provides the opportunity to attract retail store customers for lunch or dinner.

II. Declaration of Issue

Mr. Jacobi took over control of the marketing sector in 2010; soon after profits began to fall. Together with his new online marketing strategy Lirim Jacobi changed the cliental which in turn directly afflicted revenue. In addition , this leadership position brings about a series of other issues in regards the employees' attitude with the workplace plus the effectiveness of business practice. With a change in cliental as Mr. Jacobi has taken over advertising, a large number of employees get working conditions have significantly changed. Especially in regards to their particular income now verses several years ago. Seeing that Mr. Jacobi has basically taken sole control over areas which he lacks have the restaurant has suffered. There is a substantial turnover in not only staff but with management as well. A powerful manager should be able to connect and work effectively with others for the complete sake in the company. With his micromanagement style in many workers are quickly turned off. These shortcomings will be identified and discussed in the situational research of this newspaper.

III. So why the Problem Is out there

The central point how come Lirim Jacobi and his cafe is less good than they may be is that Mr. Jacobi recognizes leadership as being a title rather than as a ongoing learning process. He is not a team player and micro deals with his business. Mr. Jacobi has repeated the same errors over and over again; every time at Taverna Opa's price. As a result of this kind of attitude various issues inside the company have...

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