Stevenson Functions Management 4ce Essay

п»їChapter 01 Introduction to OM

1 . В As a service organization, the procedures management activities of an airline company possess nothing in keeping with the functions management actions within a bike manufacturing business. В TrueВ В В В False

2 . В Operations managers are responsible for controlling systems that produce items and/or present services. В TrueВ В В В False

a few. В Effectiveness identifies achieving designed goals while efficiency identifies minimizing price and time. В TrueВ В В В False

4. В Operations, marketing, and finance function independently of every other generally in most organizations. В TrueВ В В В False

five. В The operations function is available only in firms which can be goods-oriented. В TrueВ В В В False

6th. В Operations administration pertains nearly exclusively towards the management of producing operations. В TrueВ В В В False

several. В Value-added identifies the cost of the inputs necessary to produce goods and services. В TrueВ В В В False

8. В As long like a product is prepared in advance of when customers require it, the timing of when a product is manufactured does not influence the value-addedВ TrueВ В В В False

9. В Storing an item sooner than the planned delivery time is an example of a value adding activity. В TrueВ В В В False

12. В Management information systems (MIS) are concerned with providing management with the information it needs to effectively manage. В TrueВ В В В False

11. В Operations management consists of both system design and system functions. В TrueВ В В В False

12. В System design decisions have little or no impact on functions decisions. В TrueВ В В В False

13. В An example of a system functions decision is usually choice of site. В TrueВ В В В False

14. В The operations director has main responsibility to make operations system design decisions, such as program capacity and placement of facilities. В TrueВ В В В False

15. В Design decisions are generally strategic and long term, when planning decisions are tactical and moderate term, and execution and control happen to be operational and short term. В TrueВ В В В False

of sixteen. В Managing inventory levels is known as an managing operations administration process. В TrueВ В В В False

18. В A simple difference among manufacturing and service agencies is that assistance is act-oriented and making is goods-oriented. В TrueВ В В В False

18. В Service involves a much higher degree of customer speak to than manufacturing. В TrueВ В В В False

19. В Service often requires a higher work content, while manufacturing is far more capital extensive. В TrueВ В В В False

20. В Measurement of efficiency in service much more straightforward than in manufacturing because of the high level of uniformity of inputs. В TrueВ В В В False

21 years old. В Models are simplified illustrations of anything and thus dismiss important facets of a situation. В TrueВ В В В False

twenty two. В Quantitative approaches are often quick and useful techniques for many decisions. В TrueВ В В В False

3. В A systems approach stresses interrelationships between subsystems, nevertheless main motif is that the entire is greater than the total of the individual parts. В TrueВ В В В False

24. В Queuing techniques are helpful for analyzing situations in which waiting lines form. В TrueВ В В В False

twenty-five. В It is vital to use the systems way when something happens to be being designed, redesigned, implemented, improved, or perhaps changed. В TrueВ В В В False

dua puluh enam. В A devices approach is to concentrate on effectiveness within a subsystem and thereby achieve general efficiency. В TrueВ В В В False

28. В Many operations management decisions can be described as tradeoffs. В TrueВ В В В False

28. В The Pareto phenomenon is one of the most critical and pervasive concepts that can be applied in any way levels of managing. В TrueВ В В В False

29. В Operations managers, who also usually employ quantitative methods, have no responsibility to make ethical decisions. В TrueВ В В В False

30. В Prior to the Industrial Wave, goods were produced mainly by artisans or their apprentices employing custom made parts. В TrueВ В В В False

31. В Frederick...


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