TFT2 Job 1 Dissertation

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TFT2 Activity 1

Heart-Healthy Insurance Data Security Plan

New Users Policy

To be able to stay compliant with current HIPAA regulations, all new users shall be given access in respect to their task function. Fresh users will only be given the minimum level of access required in order to accomplish their given duties. Should certainly any larger access end up being needed, administration will need to approve before such access is definitely granted.

Password Requirements

In accordance with HIPAA Common В§ 164. 312(a)(1) (Access Control), almost all users shall have an exclusive name or perhaps number to get identifying and tracking customer identity. Account details must be at the very least of 8 characters long with a mix of upper and lowercase letters, and at least one special character (i. elizabeth.! @#$%). Passwords must be improved every ninety days. The previous half a dozen passwords might not be used when resetting or perhaps changing account details. In the event of 3 consecutive completely wrong password tries, the user accounts shall be locked out for a time of twenty minutes prior to user can attempt to re-enter their pass word.


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