The your five people you meet in heaven Essay

The a few People You Meet in Heaven

Creator: Mitch Albom


Eddie – The protagonist

The main character, the storyline revolves around him. He was slain on his 83rd birthday then when he awakes he was currently in heaven taken about journey in order to meet the five people in whose lives intertwined with his in many ways which he never predicted. Eddie's Father – The Antagonist.

Having been a hooligan drunk rather than very supportive or patient towards his children. Marguerite – Eddie's wife to whom he cherished very much. Your woman was the 4th person this individual met in heaven. The Blue Man – The first person Eddie met in heaven. Having been also a worker at the dark red pier in the past when Eddie was still a child. The Chief – He was eddie's past war chief.

Ruby – The third person eddie achieved in heaven and also Ruby pier's namesake. Tala – The fifth person he met in heaven.

Joe – His brother who have grew up to possess a life and family in florida. Dominguez – Eddie's friend in his work place.


The storyline took place in several locations both in heaven and on globe. Eddie went to 5 several settings: Ruby Pier, the battlegrounds which usually he fought against in the battle, mountains, various wedding reception and a river.


You will discover 2 major conflicts with this story. First being Eddie vs . Him self and a conflict between Eddie his father. Internal – Eddie stores a whole lot of repent, hatred and anger about his existence. External – Eddie seems that his father ruined him in three ways: overlook, violence and silence.


Exposition -- Eddie experiencing his last day at the Ruby Boat dock before his death. Complication/Rising Action – Eddie died and starts meeting the 5 folks. Climax – When Eddie meets Tala and states " You burn me personally. You make myself fire" Denouement –

Resolution -- When he recognized and learned all the lessons he acquired from the five people he met.

Qualities of the Storyline:

A honest novel that explores tricks only paradise can happen. It also demonstrates that anything I lifestyle has a suggest and every incident...


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