Essay around the Catcher Inside the Rye

The Catcher in the Rye: Study Guideline Questions

Part 1-2

1 . The narrator is Holden Caulfield a student of Pencey Prep in Agerstown, Pennsylvania. Holden narrates the story in first person. 2 . The school doesn't mold their boys in men.

They advertise the college in a wide range of magazines.

The college doesn't the actual activities they promote.

three or more. Holden can be lazy when it comes to his school work. " Just how many themes did you carry this kind of term? ” " Five, sir. ” " Five. And how lots of people are you screwing up in? ” " Four. ” (Salinger, 10) 4. He left the fencing equipment on the train.

your five. The setting is the middle on winter at a prep institution for kids in Agerstown, Pennsylvania. 6. The author is J. D. Salinger.

7. He is inhospitable to them because he will not want to age.

eight. Mr. Spencer is Holden's history instructor.

9. This individual reads his history dissertation on the Egyptians.

10. Wherever do the geese go if the lagoon freezes over?

eleven. This discloses that Holden ignores the situations that occur in his life. 12. He uses a lot of chocarrero words in his language through the two chapters, which can bring about him becoming aggressive while the story progresses. Phase 3-5

1 ) Honest, Laid back, Casual, Judgmental, Sarcastic

installment payments on your These incidents take place after Holden lost the secure fencing equipment. three or more. He is screwing up four away of five classes that he can taking at Pencey. As well, before the arrived at the school, having been bounced around from school to school because of his grades. 5. Ward Stradlater is a scholar at Pencey and Holden's dorm companion. He is a senior; he could be also lively with a good body build. Ackley is Holden next door lover, they talk about showers among rooms. Ackley is a senior that often chalands in about Holden. He can about 6'4 with bad teeth, due to poor dental hygiene. 5. Holden includes a crush upon Jane "". She was Holden's neighbour at a single point in time. six. The signs provided demonstrate that Holden is a nervous but stable boy. " 7. This individual refers to these people as fake because of the way they work with certain people surrounding them. 8. I love how...


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