Essay in Good Presenter

1 ) What makes a good speaker?

-A good loudspeaker will speak clearly and loud enough so the viewers can notice them. If you are speaking to somebody individually it is advisable to face them and not fuss about or anything at all like that. To become good speaker you also could be a good listener. It is almost all under the subject matter of conversing. 1 . Stand erect distributing your weight in both the lower limbs. Do not hold onto the mike or to the podium intended for support. 2 . Have a great posture and look. Do not lean on the podium. 3. End up being confident, comfortable and dynamic. Do not play with your clothes or perhaps fingers. four. Wear clothes that befit the occasion.

5. Express sincerity, certainty and excitement for this issue. 6. Start the presentation, after completing for a few just a few seconds, looking over the group. 7. Open up the talk with a impressive, catchy introduction looking into the eyes from the audience. 8. Have a conversational tone.

9. Establish eye contact with the audience.

15. Use signals to emphasize and clarify your points.

14. Allow your hands, to land naturally on your sides, being used gesturing. doze. Have enough tone of voice projection.

13. Modulate the voice.

14. Speak at moderate acceleration. Do not run through.

12-15. Pause before and after important suggestions.

16. Include pleasant mannerisms.

17. Tend not to read your speech.

18. Manage period.

19. Close the presentation with a striking, impressive, finishing remark. 20. Stop, even though the audience remains to be eager to hear more.

2 . 2 . Report an example of a perfect speaker in the Philippines.

Mel Tiangco

-Mel Tiangco is among the most ideal loudspeaker I know here in the Thailand.

Wyatt Failon

Jessica Soho

Korina Sanchez


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